Curb-Side Pick Up

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:  10am – 4pm

Wednesday:  Noon – 6pm

  • Contact the library or place a hold on items. 
  • When your items are ready, staff will contact you to schedule an appointment for pick-up
  • When you arrive, park in a numbered spot and call us with your spot number. (302) 856-7958
  • Remain in your car with the trunk or back of SUV open, Library Staff will place your items in for you.

Why are my items taking so long?

Books placed on hold travel from one library to another by process called “transit”. How does transit work? Vans are used to transfer books from one library to another. Before Covid-19, libraries received transit almost daily. Currently, our library receives transit only twice a week.

Once we receive transit, we isolate those items for 72 hours before processing them.

We are on a reduced schedule.

We wish it could be faster, but with limited hours and staff in the building, we are going as fast as possible to keep our patrons and staff safe & healthy.

We appreciate your patience!

Please Note:

Building and restrooms remain closed to the public