Job Opening: Teleservices Navigator

Teleservices Navigator

The Navigator will assist community members with accessing and obtaining social service and other healthcare support through the use of a kiosk located in the public library, and through Chromebooks and WiFi hotspots that will be distributed to patrons for use in the home environment. The Navigator will complete a brief onboarding training session and will work with a library staff to gain the required knowledge to successfully access various health and social service resources and to maintain the technological equipment. The Navigator will be responsible for the operation of the kiosk and to assist, when necessary, with maintaining and distributing the Chromebooks in accordance with Delaware Division of Libraries (DDL). Additional responsibilities will include: communicating with social service/healthcare agencies, community organizations and representatives, and with patrons seeking remote services. The position will include a probationary period to ensure it’s the right fit for all new hires.


  • Oversee the daily operations of the kiosk to include: scheduling appointments, providing technological support to patrons utilizing the kiosk, and performing maintenance and cleaning in accordance with the manufacturers and the DDL representative guidance.
  • Disseminate accurate information and support the enrollment of patrons in health and social services.
  • Provide troubleshooting support for patrons experiencing difficulties with the equipment or the software.
  • Communicate effectively with library staff, the Telehealth Coordinator, social service and healthcare representatives, and with patrons seeking remote services.
  • Use assigned phones and remote service devices to coordinate and communicate with the library staff, the Telehealth Coordinator, and the various social service and behavioral health agencies.
  • As needed: Assist with the distribution, collection and maintenance of the Chromebooks in accordance with the manufacturers and DDL representative guidance.



  • Knowledge and experience in the application and use of technology and software
  • Knowledge of social service agencies and their functions
  • Ability to communicate effectively with co-workers, library patrons and outside agencies
  • Ability to learn and implement the recommended guidance on the use and care of a variety of technological equipment and software
  • Experience with addressing challenges and overcoming obstacles in situations which warrant adaptation and resourcefulness


  • Experience with Chromebooks and iPads
  • Willing to travel to other libraries in respective county
  • Knowledge of Spanish and/or Creole
  • Knowledge of respective community resources, be New Castle County, Kenty County, or Sussex County
  • Knowledge and experience with a variety of software and communication tools such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Office, and Outlook

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